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Susanna Autio

Visual Artist,  Recycle Artist
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Lives and works in Järvenpää
Email: susanna.autio@gmail.com
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Susanna Autio: Kevyr Askel, kierrätystaide
Susanna Autio: "A Light Step" 2003, Silicone, a pin and an old broom

Susanna Autio  shakes up everyday values:

Susanna Autio (born 1966) is a visual artist from Järvenpää, whose art is characterised by playfulness and audacious experiments with materials. She combines ready-made parts from flea market finds into new entities, tapping into the possibilities of visual arts and traditional handicraft in a versatile manner. Dough as well as dog hair, domestic cardboard as well as old furs qualify as materials for works of art. That’s why Susanna Autio collects old puppets, game pawns, leather belts, bent spectacle rims, seam tights, torn dog toys...
The themes in her works range from consumption to animal rights, from genetic engineering to being different. The works make a strong statement; she does not moralise, but her works stir thoughts through humour.

Susanna Autio
Collecting Stamps is a Nice Hobby,  children’s armchair and stamps (45x54x41), 2008

 Susanna Autio, recycled art Susanna Autio, recycled art

"Old, derelict objects and flea market finds form an essential part of what I do and the materials I choose. I first assembled the 150 jigsaw puzzles I had collected, and then I combined two different puzzles together with the help of a small cutting blade. The work was time-consuming, but it was titillating to create confusing combinations!" tells Susanna Autio 


Our everyday food

In the era of disposable packages we have grown alienated from the origin of our nutrition. Does it ever occur to us what we are involved in or the effects of our choices when we are doing our shopping and eating? 
In her food-themed works Susanne Autio presses etchings on rye dough, prints out pictures of food portions from old cookbooks on leather, or embroiders a mincemeat package using cotton yarn.

Susanna Autio: Hamburger
SHOWCASE, a detail, cotton yarn, a show case with light, 2009

Susanna Autio

Carelian Pies, 100 pieces, etching on rye dough, 2005

Traditional handicraft patterns of various nationalities have been printed on rye dough.

Combining patterns that bear surprising likeness to one another with an everyday material is a show of respect to women who carry on folk traditions.

Susanna Autio: ”Happy Meal”  2008
An installation of 65 pieces, a cotton-wadded image print on leather, a kitchen utensil

”My series of works and installations often consist of several pieces, and I may have been collecting their materials for years. For my work Happy Meal I spent a long time collecting cookbooks from the 60s and 70s. The ”juicy” images in these cookbooks gave me the inspiration to add eyes of different animal species. The images have been printed on leather and wadded with cotton. “’The pieces of meat’ have then been pierced with aggressive kitchen utensils,” explains Susanna Autio.

 Susanna Autio, Happy Meal
Susanna Autio: Happy Meal, 2008, an installation: a 65-piece installation, a wadded image print on leather, a kitchen utensil

Susanna Autio, Happy Meal



Children and pets

Susanna Autio: Leikkikenttä,

Susanna Autio: Playground, linen paper and puppet parts, 2003

A six-piece installation of doll-faced dogs comments on values associated with children and pets.
Susanna autio

Susanna Autio,
Susanna Autio, Snack, gypsum and tempera, 2004


Because you are worth of it

Susanna Autio,

Susanna autio, minisculptures formed from hair

"I deal with themes that are relevant to me in my works. Animal rights, genetic engineering, being different and an outsider have inspired me to create works of art from extraordinary materials. The minisculptures I have formed from hair have aroused controversial emotions in viewers the most,“ tells Susanna Autio.
Susanna Autio, minisculptures formed from hair
Susanna Autio: Love You to Pieces, starched hair, (20x7x5), 2009


Tampering with genes

Susanna Autio: ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TOO 2007, deep print on paper, a 
                  photograph transferred on canvas


deep print on paper, a photograph transferred on canvas, wadding, varying sizes, 25 pieces 

“The work comments on the human being tampering with living things. The idea is the manipulation of animals’ genome, the extinction of species and transforming animals into products in general. Animal graphics glued on cardboard hang from plump fingers on the wall,”  tells Susanna Autio

Susanna Autio: Animals are people too, grafiikkaa


New animal species by Susanna Autio, animal hybridsna




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